Game Development Competition

Since we launched the event on the first week of August 2021, Scope For Change were able to invite more than 100 students to join the game development workshop, and start learning how to code on the Contruct 3 Platform to make their games.

The game competition was carefully judged based on the Scope For Change criteria: Creativity, Playability, Originality, and Art Style.

We are pleased to share with you the finalists of the Game Development Competition.

Now available on Google Playstore

The Winners

1st Place: Team Sadako

2nd Place: Team MakSci Gaming

3rd Place: Team Sturdy New Gen

The Mechanics

All players who joined the tournament will be given access to the game development engine Construct 3 including video tutorials provided through a discord server (hyperlink server).

Then, they will be given 4 to 6 weeks to develop a “City of Makati”-themed game. After the game development stage is done, the 3 best games will be awarded with cash prizes and their games will be published on the Apple appstore and Google play store.

All prizes and donations will be sourced from companies that believe in the project’s cause. Approximately ₱70,000.00 will be allocated to the winners of the tournament, game development competition plus any expense from the licenses of the game development platform, Construct 3.

Information about the workshop

The workshop will be a five week process of honing the participants’ adeptness in using the Construct 3 software to produce polished applications that can be formally published.

They can rely on a variety of resources such as tutorials, private sessions with a Construct 3 expert and the ability to interact with other teams through the server’s chat function. 

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