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Scope For Change’s Viewer Guide

 As the ₱80,000 charity event, Scope For Change, approaches its debut, a comprehensive guide has been assembled allowing viewers to grasp the essence of this tournament.

Taking place online from July 1 to July 15, Scope For Change boasts a hectic schedule converging to approximately one game a day. CSGO is currently the first title Scope for Change supports. It features a single-elimination bracket system in concert with sixteen passionate teams eager to play for their respective causes. After duking it out in BO1 matches, the tournament will culminate to an epic grand final on July 15 for the grand prize of ₱40,000 in total winnings: ₱30,000 of which to the team’s chosen beneficiary. Runner-ups and second runner ups will be given ₱20,000 and ₱10,000 sum of money respectively adhering to the 3:1 split of donations to personal earnings. 
 The tournament aims to contribute to the Filipino community especially amidst these times of economic and mental turmoil. With fifteen unique and noteworthy causes being played for, different facets of life are being improved whether it be frontliners in Coronavirus or local communities’ support staff. The initiative hopes to allow FIlipimos to assuage some of their boredom through the medium of CSGO. Whilst entertaining themselves, players can still be benevolent, accommodating, and tenacious members of the Filpino society. Further, we will be able to find scope for a better change in these times of despair.

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